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    Artist : Mike Calvert
    Purpose : Buchla Series 200 Anniversary
    Format : Silkscreened Poster : 20"x30"
    Price : $100 USD
An age-old friend to the ESP Institute, Mike Calvert, has recently designed and silkscreened these amazing commemorative posters for the 40th anniversary of Don Buchla's legendary 200 Series Electric Music Boxes. These large format posters are signed by both Don Buchla and Mike Calvert and are suitable for framing. You can purchase them from Don Buchla himself via new Series 200e, an updated version of the original Series 200 machines, but now fully Midi functional. Updated how, you ask? Still straight up analog synthesis, still programmed with knobs and switches and patchcords, same power supply voltages, same form factors... In fact, its completely interchangeable with 200 Series modules built in the 1970s. Get ready for some tweakin'!

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